September  26 - 30 2018
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Meet The 2017 Faculty
Andrew Pearson is the founder and facilitator of Contemporary Dance Practice: LA.  He received his training from the University of California, Irvine where he studied intensively under Loretta Livingston and Donald McKayle and has continued his professional training in Los Angeles from some of Los Angeles’s most influential educators including Rosanna Gamson, Holly Johnston, John Pennington, Kate Hutter, and Maria Gillespie, as well as international artists. 
Andrew has been with the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company since 2011, where he has been given the opportunity to work with numerous Los Angeles-based contemporary choreographers, and . Andrew is also a sought after teacher, having taught guest classes nationally and internationally. As a choreographer Andrew is actively creating and touring his solo work, and has been commissioned by many schools and companies.  

CONTEMPORARY DANCE PRACTICE    workshop Sat  9/23 9 - 11:30am
Inspired by his experience as a concert dance professional, as well as somatic methods such as Bartinieff Fundamentals and Alexander Technique, Andrew’s practice supports a happy mind and body, promoting play as a means of unlocking success, creativity, potential and fulfillment.  He believes a connection between the mind and body allows for a fuller life lead by awareness and understanding.  He encourages active-learning, problem solving, and self-discovery to help movers find both freedom and control within their body.  In this workshop we will explore how the natural folds of our joints and mechanics of our bodies paired with use of momentum and gravity can lead to a deeper connection to movement expression. More than a dance class, it is a biomechanics class aimed to identify and strip away physical habits to provide a body that allows for new information. This class will emphasize body knowledge, efficiency in movement, individual expression, and fun.
Ashley is interested in investigating the body in motion. In an intentional exploration, she investigates a three-pronged approach to movement as an educator, artist and somatic practitioner. An ongoing inquiry into daily movement practices lead her to mentorships with Amelia Itcush in the Mitzvah Technique/Itcush Method and Emilie Conrad in Continuum Movement. Ashley was fortunate to be a scholarship student at the Continuum Studio in Los Angeles from 2009 – 2012.  Ashley studied dance and kinesiology at Grant MacEwan Dance Program, University of Calgary and University of Hong Kong.
Ashley has taught, performed and worked with clients in Northern Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria, and Los Angeles.  She maintains a busy private practice in Regina, Saskatchewan where she facilitates one to one sessions and somatic movement classes at various locales.  As an authorized Continuum Movement teacher she is passionate about diversity and accessibility in movement forms and regularly teaches somatic and dance integration classes in public schools, health districts, public libraries and other community engaged institutions. Ashley is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA.
The FLUID SPINE      workshop Wed  9/20  3:30 - 6pm
Exploring the intersections of Continuum Movement and the Mitzvah Technique
This workshop brings together fluid undulation inherent in Continuum Movement with 
alignment of the vertical axis in the Mitzvah Technique.  A constant play between internal and external sensing, a discovery of what it is to be embodied in everyday actions allows the participant to understand the interplay of these two forms.  Using sound and form we will move in varying relationships to gravity from sitting to standing to lying. Continuum Movement is a somatic practice that explores the movement of water in the physical structure. Through the use of sound vibration, the participant connects with new ways of moving, regulates the nervous system and develops a resilient body.  Mitzvah Technique acts to rebalance the musculoskeletal system by activating the rippling action of the spine in the vertical plane.  By connecting the head and pelvis the body clears tension when walking and restoresit’s innate healing capacity.
Autumn spent four years as Assistant Director of Dance Odyssey, a Contact Improvisation class and jam in Santa Cruz, CA.  In 2016 she began organizing and teaching Contact Improv classes and events all along the West Coast.  She now teaches Contact across the country as part of Bridge Within.  Autumn’s teaching is inspired by her experience studying for ten years under a wide variety of teachers of Contact Improv, as well as Taoist Energy Arts, Spinal Awareness, and Esalen Massage.  She carries an extensive toolbox, customizing each class to meet the desires and skill-levels of her students.  Autumn uses improv movement as a spiritual practice, a healing technique, and a tool for deepening self-awareness and connection with others. 
CONTACTING THE ETHERIC BODY    workshop   Sat  9/23   7-9:30pm
This Contact Improvisation workshop leads us through an exploration of dancing in contact with each other while connecting with the aura before connecting with the physical body.  How can we dance through our physical bodies and into this energetic space, weaving this energy back into our bodies?  How can we use this new sensitivity to deepen our physical connection? This class will offer tools for feeling our chi and using this internal energy to inspire our movement.  We will also learn tools for recognizing when we have taken on other people’s energies and clearing those energies out of our field.
SOMATIC SUMMIT ~     speaker panel    Sun   9/24    3:30-6pm
Water Dance:  The nature of water is to run downward into the earth, seeking its resting point.  According to Shamanic Cosmology, water is associated with the season of Autumn and with the West, a time for examining and releasing internal patterns that no longer serve us.  Water energy is associated with emotions, with slowing down, and with the Healer archetype. Autumn will share grounding exercises that help us connect with our inner stillness, creating spaciousness for self-reflection. We will transition at our own pace from connection with self to connection with other, and how we can let go of that which no longer serves us.
Barbara holds a Master’s degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. She has studied Pre and Perinatal Psychology and is currently a PhD candidate in the Consciousness Studies Program at California Institute of Integral Studies. Her area of research is Ecology, Developmental Psychology, and Attachment Theory. She has developed an eco-somatic methodology for awakening and recovering our embodiment in and connection to the Earth. She teaches these workshops in Nature- where we receive our true, integral Mothering. Barbara is an authorized Continuum Movement Teacher.
EMBODIMENT IS NATURE    workshop Sun  9/24,  9-11:30 am
The body is trying to work out the angst of Planetary degradation and distress. This is not something the mind can do for us. This workshop gives as ways to support the body through movement, breath and sound to come into right relationship with the evolutionary dynamics of the planet

SOMATIC SUMMIT ~  speaker panel Sun 9/24  3:30-6pm & online webinar Mon  9/25 5:30pm
Embodiment Is Nature:  On a crowded planet facing an ecological crisis, our human behavior is deeply patterned to behave and respond in ways that are antithetical to our true nature. As our world becomes increasingly dehumanized and denatured, we face the biological paradox of the breakdown of our ecological home and we are unable to do anything about it. Such experiences are known in contemporary developmental psychology as disorganized/disordered attachment. Disorganized attachment results when the attachment figure is simultaneously experienced not only as the safe haven, but also the source of danger. The result of such a biological paradox is disorganization and disorientation. To concentrate only on a rational change without addressing this important developmental constraint is to dismiss our somatic intelligence as a species. As such, ways of knowing that are embedded and embodied in our developmental tie to the Earth are essential resources for human transformation and renewal. The purpose of the thesis is to foster an understanding of the psychobiological needs that humans possess as a result of their evolutionary nature and to develop an eco-somatic framework to support those needs. The implications of this topic are to place new value on creating eco-somatic programs for recovering our embodiment in and connection with the Earth. It ties together human and non-human ecologies, systems theory, contemporary developmental psychology, embodiment theory, and evolution. This topic is relevant and timely for a theoretical dissertation as we live with the increasing possibility of rapidly changing and unforeseen environments.
Camille, an associate of Continuum since 1983 and creator of Moving Theater, is a meditation and movement mentor internationally renown for her liberating energy practices and performance trainings. Camille offers online courses in her groundbreaking book, Meditation Secrets for Women and travels widely to give performances, workshops, and retreats.
YOUR INNER NATURE ~ WILD AND FREE     workshop Thur  9/21  3:30 - 6pm
Developed and taught by Camille Maurine, Moving Theater of the Soul is a direct, empowering way to tap into the currents of life within and allow them to inform and transform us. With loving subtle and dynamic movement, breath and voice play, intuitive writing, and theater improvisation, we give body to these vital inner energies and share them with others in artful expression. This is the Moving Theater of Love.The energies of love and life are always pulsating within us, seeking conscious attention and expression. They are cosmic, and they are personal. We feel them as flow in our bodies, as the ache of longing and passion, as the whisper of visions and dreams. Nature designed us to create with these life-giving energies, to share the gifts with others in a full circulation of love and inspiration.Moving Theater is a fertile, supportive environment to delve deeper into your inner world and to dare fuller outer expression. Using empowering skills of presence and creative embodiment, we dive into the movement of soul, listen to the voice within, and give artful expression to messages we receive. In community with other creative explorers, you witness and are witnessed in this profound and joyous process. 
Caryn danced with the Paul Taylor Dance Company for ten years before founding her own company LiquidBody Dance. She has taught graduate classes in multidisciplinary somatic performance at the University of California, Irvine and taught master classes at Princeton, Hollins, Texas Christian and Dennison Universities, Smith College, Beijing Dance Academy, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Orange County and LaGuardia High Schools of the Arts and more. She has taught with and been mentored by Emilie Conrad, Yvonne Rainer Annie Loui, John Crawford and Paul Taylor. She is an authorized Continuum Movement teacher with an MFA in Modern Dance, and she is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA.
LIQUIDBODY DANCE     workshop  Thurs 9/21  12:30 - 3pm
Creative Activation of Deep Core Engagement with Hissing, Growling and Other Animal Affects.
Immersed in projected images of moving water and species inclusivity, your journey into your own liquid body will begin with movement exploration cued by the vibration of your own vocal soundings. The warmup (Continuum-based) will help you feel the inner landscape of your own fluidly formed structure - vibrating cells, bones and connective tissue -a primary resource for expression.  We'll growl (Continuum's blur sound), hiss, and play with other animal affects to open up creative edges to expression.  Then we will dance with a focus on resonant communication and enjoy an unusually deep engagement of our core.
SOMATIC SUMMIT SPEAKER ~ OASIS   online webinar  Tues  9/26   5:30pm
Caryn has become an expert on creating environments that support the health of your body and will share with us possibilities for creating our own oasis from common everyday chemical assaults.  Your “soma" will thank you and it is important to know why it matters, get recommendations for what to do first and learn how to plan your journey to nontoxic bliss.  She shares about her own environmental sensitivities and how she adapted through somatic movement and awareness.  Plus, she will give you a virtual tour of the unique environment she has created for travelers, TOPIA INN  ( a laboratory of sustainability with an artsy vibe in the Berkshires.
Deborah's work explores the dynamics of breath and motion as gateways to freedom, ones transforming our relationship to body, community and the Earth. She co-founded and directed a yoga and movement center in her native Rochester for 18 years.  Deborah has both assisted and co-taught with the founder and developers of Continuum Movement Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper, and she is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA. Other professional experience includes teaching at Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park, Colorado.  Her training in yoga has been in the Iyengar tradition with senior teachers and with the Iyengar family in Pune, India. 
Deborah completed the four-year program Body Mind Centering program, developed by dancer and occupational Therapist Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Now based in Los Angeles area after raising three children, Deborah's focus and passion is supporting women's spiritual practice through their relationship to body and the sensuous cosmos. Deborah’s body and movement work is interdependent with her longtime Dharma practice. She is part of the Dharma Ocean community and a Vajrayana student of Dharma Ocean founder and director, Reggie Ray. Her heart is continually surprised and humbled by the teachings of ravens and an Arabian horse named Silver.
OPENING THE WOMB OF SPACE    workshop  Sat   9/23   9-11:30am

“Living space is not an abstract idea, it is as close and intimate to us as water to a fish” - Jeremy Hayward
Inspired by ancient wisdom teachings on space and Continuum Movement, this class opens the playful inquiry of space by first connecting with cavities of the body and the organ of hearing through sound.  Unfolding the dynamics of the cavities of space through sound within and then awakening the potency of space extending around us, the living, responsive and generative quality of space is revealed. Here we can find ways of deeply resting and re-setting our nervous system while uncovering the resources of the Life that awaits us.

Debra Franco is an authorized Continuum Movement teacher, a channel and a poet living in Southern California. Her work explores the intersection of the sacred and the material, the somatic and the soul. Her current Continuum inquiry explores the way breath, sound, movement and gesture allow us to enter into alternate states of awareness that can help navigate the profound phase shift humanity is undergoing. She teaches at the Continuum Studio in Santa Monica.

CONTINUUM MYSTERY SCHOOL   workshop   Wed   9/20   9-11:30 am

We will explore, through ritual, movement, breath and gesture, Emilie Conrad's Mystery School teachings.

Donnalea is a leader in the field of Somatic Movement and Research, collaborating with such innovators as Sue Carter and Stephen Porges. Donnalea was asked to serve as Executive Director of Continuum Movement by its founder Emilie Conrad- Dao'ud upon her death.She founded and directs the Continuum Movement Somatic Teacher Development program, and she is the founder and owner of Cobalt Moon Center for integrative health in Neptune Beach Florida.
Donnalea has been teaching T'ai Chi for over 26 years and has completed a seminal research project on The Effect of Tai Chi on PTSD. She is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist (2002), an authorized Continuum Movement teacher (1998),  a Tai Chi Instructor (1990), and she is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing where she served as senior faculty, as Dean of the third year class in the US and Europe. She has an extensive training in Dance (Ballet, modern, African) and Technical Dance Movement of Irmgard Bartenieff and Frances Cott. She teaches workshops nationally and internationally in Continuum, Tai Chi, and healing arts. She has a PhD in Somatic Psychology.
WHO AM I      workshop   Sat    9/23   12:30 - 3 pm
Movement, breath, sound, and imagery are your doorways into the mysteries of life. Take a journey into your deep fluid core and its healing nature to invigorate your life with new ways of thinking, moving and living. All fluids of the body - the circulating blood, the tides of cerebrospinal fluid, the pump of the lymph system, the net of membranes or the swirl of viscera and brain - function as ONE stream of intelligence. Continuum's movements are designed to enhance the undulating spirals and circularity of this fluid system. A full range of non-patterned movement, from dynamic full-bodied expression to subtle micro-movements, stimulates neurological growth and vibrancy. Learn to use specific sounds and movement sequences to stimulate fluid movement within the body and mind for an extraordinary awakening to the fullness of what it means to be alive.
Emma is an Oriental medicine practitioner based in Los Angeles. After practicing Continuum since her teens, Emma relocated from Canada to Los Angeles to further immerse herself in the work and study with Continuum founder Emilie Conrad until her passing in 2014. They worked together closely for six years, researching and developing therapeutic fluid movement/sounding protocols for neuromuscular compromise. She practices acupuncture, herbalism, tui na medical massage, and lifestyle and nutritional counseling, and she is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA. With a background in circus arts and gymnastics, Emma spent her early years exploring the extremes of her kinesphere. 
Now, Emma turns her awareness inwards to a living inquiry into the dynamic movement potentia of the tissue and cellular realms, exploring the frontiers of inner space and embodiment. Emma also studies the Eastern somatic practices of Nei Gong internal cultivation, including Taoist meditation and internal martial arts with Gabriel Orshan and others. With poet Rebecca Mark, Emma co-teaches Words & Waves workshops in LA – an embodied approach to creative writing grounded in Continuum. She is currently workingon a collection of drawings and poetry born from that work.
WORDS and WAVES           workshop  Sun  9/24   7-9:30pm
When we engage the body through the breath and sound and intrinsic motion experiments, Movement arises out of our biological connection to the life of the sea. The diversity of fluctuations and motility of our fluid origins are available to us in the fluid system and gravity and space, invite the mutable shaping, dissolution and reshaping potential of connective tissue of our bodies. Bringing in Words and Waves we follow the expression of the fluid field of imagination. With pen on paper, breath, sounds, images, words, and the movement of tissue flow together, becoming a multi-textural outpouring. The often hieroglyphic, sometimes humorous, always surprising writing that emerges creates a caldron in which old stories and personal narratives transform in surprising and evocative ways. During the daily circle of reading, the group invites the movement of our minds by shaping lines and words into new webs and maps of meaning.


Georgianne is a meditative movement pioneer. She teaches classes/ workshops in subtle and expressive movement with a mytho-poetic emphasis. Her work mines the “invisible” from the depths, lifting the lid of the “blind eye” and coaxing exiled aspects of our humanity out into an expressive movement form. She has performed, directed and produced numerous events, most notably for SomaFest and The World Festival’s of Sacred Music initiated by the Dalai Lama. She also performs Middle Eastern dance, is a member/ facilitator of the Los Angeles Dance Collective and a former Continuum teacher. Her published book is entitled, “The Soul of Nature,” (Doubleday).

10am - 12pm held at Culver City Masonic Lodge, 9635 Venice Blvd, Culver City 
The Equinox is a time of equanimity, a balancing of opposites where we pause and are poised to enter a new cycle. This is an opportunity to contemplate through movement,
ritual and community the slow turn towards the inner domain of intuition, sensation and the dream world. We will dance the soul's dance as it begins to reveal itself through carefully curated music, free form movement and gently guided cues for the journey. Moving and sensing from the inside out, we will commune with this subtle transition from the full exposure of summer towards the slow descent towards autumn… aligning ourselves sensorially
and psychically with nature's rhythm.
Sangoi, a Mumbai based artist and educator, is pursuing her MFA program at the California Institute of the Arts. Her practice addresses the effects of globalization and modernization in the postcolonial age from an ecofeminist and an autoethnographic perspective. Sangoi has exhibited in India, Bangladesh and Los Angeles. Her participations include: Sun and Earth Natural Building Festival by Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh, India (2017), ‘Geographies of Consumption’, a Public Art Project curated by Mohile Parikh Centre, Mumbai (2015-16), ‘Earth Forum’ by artist Shelley Sacks (2014). 
Sangoi has 8 years of teaching experience in schools and colleges, and is a student instructor at the CalArts Community Arts Partnership. In 2013, she established her own organization ‘The White Paper Project’ in Mumbai and also joined the ‘Centre for Arts and Social Practice’. Sangoi is a recipient of the CalArts Provost Merit Scholarship and Chiquita Canyon Landfill Found Art Scholarship.
EARTH WALKING          workshop   Sat    9/23     12:30 - 3pm
Earth Walking is a life practice of conscious walking and encountering space around us, to form a connection between the inside (body) and the outside (world). This art project aims to develop strong values of respect, care and maintenance for the Earth. Earth Walking is an open and an interactive platform that invites all the participants to share and celebrate those moments of finding beauty and acknowledging life. In the workshop:
1. The participants will take a short walk to observe their immediate surrounding, which they can document using photographs or videos.
2. After returning to the workshop center, they will draw, write or perform what they have seen.  
3. In the last part of the workshop, the participants will share their observation, experience, photo or video documentation, drawings and stories, while also expanding the core of their connection to the earth.
Valuing this fragility of life around us is the umbilical cord of our own existence!
SOMATIC SUMMIT ~  speaker panel Sun 9/24  3:30-6pm 
Earth Walking:  Sangoi shares the experience and information on the life practice of conscious walking and encountering space around us, to form a connection between the inside (body) and the outside (world). This project aims to develop strong values of respect, care and maintenance for the Earth.
John William Johnson  He has spent the last 40 years developing a tool kit to work with somatic issues. John has performed as a dancer, actor, and improviser all around the world. He has choreographed pieces for festivals and produced 2 solos hows and many dance performances. He is a licensed massage therapist and board certified psychotherapist based in Portland, OR. John is a certified Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner, Soul Motion teacher, and the founder of Sound and Movement as Medicine. He is also an entrepreneur and CEO of a health products venture that has generated over 10 million dollars in sales. Since the 1980's John has taught and performed Contact Improvisation and studied Continuum Movement with Emilie Conrad,  
SOUND & MOVEMENT STORYTELLING    workshop  Wed  9/20  7-9:30pm
A picture is worth a 1000 words. So too with sounds and movements. Tell your story from your moves, gestures and sounds as much as from words. Access the world around you, your ancestors and all creatures as a way into what is alive for you in the moment. Learn how to speak to the issues that have led us to leading our lives from our heads instead of our bellies. Experience tools for being present without presenting. Using the voice to access your present sensations and interior landscapes. 
Julie Coren: A long-time lover of dance, the healing arts and improvisational storytelling; Julie has studied with the Tamalpa Institute, Somatic Movement Arts, Continuum, Moving Theater, Dance Alive, and has an MA in Creative Writing.  Her work is grounded in the body and desire -- their abiding and guiding force -- and informed by depth psychology, and the mythic realms.  Committed to the practice of movement, and to using the expressive arts as a means of evolving our lives forward, Julie integrates dream, image, myth, sound, and song into her work.  She is an Expressive Arts Educator, Movement Explorer, Writer, and facilitator of Cultivating an Embodied Life: From Imagination to Manifestation.
THE WAY OF LONGING      workshop   Mon    9/18    7 - 9:30pm
Imagine that the longing of Earth, is the same longing that is in our bones, its matter, the same matter that is in our cells, and the brilliance of its evolving and becoming, is forever encoded into our DNA.  Imagine this is the same longing that is encoded in the cells of a flower budding, a star bursting, a caterpillar cocooning into a butterfly, wafting over a river that is carving a canyon, the only way it knows how …  What would you do?  Who would you become if your evolutionary unfolding depended upon your ancient instincts and wilder nature?  In this workshop, we will dive down deep into the terrain of our bodies, invoke our instincts, and cultivate our undomesticated nature.  We will explore movement in subtle and non-linear ways, invite sound, play with image, and witness each other. We will track the longing that exists within us because all living things must stay true to the urge to blossom … 
Kanna Kai Jones has learned Butoh from Tatsumi Hijikata and Yoko Ashikawa in 70's. Then, she danced Jazz, classic, and tap on stages in Japan in 80's. She left dance for many years. However, after retiring from her profession (helicopter pilot), Kanna started to seek ways to express her feelings through her body, again. She took numerous movement workshops of Conscious Dance (Soul Motion, 5Rhythm, Open Floor, etc) and Contact Improv. Kanna graduated from a teacher course of Dance for PD to help the Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer disease patients by using dance movement, and taught dance at a senior daycare for years.bay area of Los Angeles.
In recent years, Kanna is exploring healing power of "sounds" and "vibrations" through Arigato Zen meditation, Sound Bath, and Water Dance (aquatic healing). Her chronic arthritis conditions show significant difference when she practices these methods. This discovery brings her back to SomaFest every year to explore more and to share the effects of sounds and vibrations with others. Kanna currently teaches yoga, aerial yoga, and facilitates Arigato Zen and Sound Bath in the south in the south bay area of Los Angeles.
ARIGATO ZEN AND SOUND BATH       workshop    Sun   9/24   12:30-3pm
Arigato Zen is an easy and simple chanting meditation, which was created by Dr. Soho Machida. 
Arigato means 'Thank you' in Japanese. By chanting "A.Ri.Ga.To.U" together, overtone stimulates the pineal gland to change brain waves from beta to alpha or theta waves. It can remove negative memories within sub-consciousness. The participants will be able to live with a sense of vast fulfillment and joyfulness when their conscious 
mind and 
subconscious mind are cleaned. It is a safe and effective meditation that goes beyond religion and ethnicity. The workshop includes simple movements and sound bath.

Kathryn Rone, MA, RSMT, RSME, CYT offers Continuum Movement, Creative Expression, and Bio-Psychosynthesis to explore physical, emotional, and cellular healing.  She has taught movement since 1996, yoga since 2003, and offered somatic healing appointments for chronic physical symptoms since 2008.  Her MA is in Counseling Psychology and she has studied Somatic Therapy and Creative Expression through Tamalpa Institute.  She is a Continuum Movement teacher, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA, Psychosynthesis Practitioner, Certified Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, and dance instructor.
METAMORPHOSIS           workshop   Fri     9/22    9-11:30am
Igniting life energy through the Continuum Movement practice of Blur, press, and receiving Piezoelectric Current through the body.  As a Registered Movement
Therapist I help clients with many mobility issues.  There is mobility freedom and energetic aliveness that comes through the creative play of hands into feet and feet into hands.  Connecting to a deep grounding press creates an aliveness in the body and opens up new mobile possibilities.  These same practices that can be offered for people who have trouble getting out of a chair, can also create spinal alignment in a headstand, or a powerful hand balance for a strong yogi.  
Marc A. Gomez is a 39th generation physician of Chinese medicine, licensed acupuncturist, spiritual counselor, trauma recovery counselor, herbalist, holistic nutritionist, qigong and meditation teacher. Marc has been practicing Chinese medicine, teaching qigong (chi gong), taiji (tai chi), medical qigong, and meditation for over twenty-eight years. Marc has also been avidly pursuing in depth personal studies of the Jungian psychoanalytical process for over sixteen years and Continuum Movement for two years.
Marc completed a 200-hour study course in meditation and medical qigong meditation prescription exercises at the International Institute of Medical Qigong and completed over 400 hours of study in qigong, medical qigong, and Taoist meditation at Yo San University. Marc has also practiced with and apprenticed under many great masters: Dr. Liu Dong, Dr. Daoshing Ni, Dr. Maoshing Ni, grandmaster Hong Liu, and grandmaster Kai Ying Tung.
THE ANCIENT SOMATIC ART OF QIGONG        workshop   Sat    9/23    3:30-6pm
Movements like the dolphin’s fin pats the water, the great elephant raises its trunk or the great bird spreads it’s wings are examples of biodiversity expressed through somatic movements in qigong practice. While practicing qigong the archetypes, elements and phases of life are all awakened and cultivated within the body. When practicing qigong while in stillness we are like the mountain, when we move we move like the water of the river, and when standing we stand like the great tree in the forest with our feet rooted deep in the earth and our heads in the clouds.

Margit Galanter is a movement investigator and dance poet living in Oakland, California. Her inquiries range from performance, teaching, and her private practice, to larger-scale cultural events. Over the past several years, she has focused her inquiries in performance to Cave Forms and in the development of the nourishing practice of Caving. She has been genuinely buoyed by the brilliance and generosity of her co-cave constellation. Margit’s unique perspective helps people access the potencies of movement — through Chinese energetics, the Feldenkrais Method, the movement arts, and she is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA. She is dedicated to the prisms of cultural inquiry, conversation, perceptual vibrancy, nature-culture, and nourishing life. Cave Forms:  *   Art:   *   Practice: 
CAVE FORMS              workshop    Fri    9/22      3:30-6pm
Caves, both natural and built, provide potent spaces that have been inhabited for time immemorial. Cave Forms is a somatic and dance inquiry instigated by Margit Galanter with the intention to nourish life. Cave Forms is a project that works both outdoors and indoors, working with the potency of the environment, and finding the inherent connections between human-nature. Indoors, for a time, we work with cloth and fabric to create caves. Through the practices, we work with sensory-perceptual movement, sound, stillness, imagery, solo and group practices, all to access a multi-sensorial and engaged relationship with our body-environment-expression. The experience of discovering new relationships to time and space has a profound effect on one’s being and artistic imagination, to access a unique and vivid experience in space. Bring a blanket or sheet for CAVE FORMS workshop.
SOMATIC SUMMIT ~  speaker panel Sun 9/24  3:30-6pm  &  online webinar Wed  9/27  9am
Cave Forms:  Margit shares the power of the natural environment conjoining with creative practice, somatic inquiry, and collective imagination.
Nicole Schafenacker is a Canadian writer, performer and medical humanities researcher. She is the author of several plays and her current project is an auto ethnographic piece entitled Blue. Since 2014 Nicole has been collaborating with dancer Ashley Johnson through their interdisciplinary performance company, Prairie House. Nicole has received mentorship from such artists such as Jen Mesch (Jen Mesch Dance Conspiracy), Robin Poitras (New Dance Horizons), Teri Carter (SOMAfest), Gerry Morita (Mile Zero Dance), Amber Borotsik and Denise Clarke (One Yellow Rabbit). Nicole is deeply interested in Butoh and has trained with Sonja Myllamki and Diego Pinon (Butoh Ritual Mexicano). 
Since 2009 Nicole has worked as an artist on several Indigenous led-projects. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Northern British Columbia. Nicole’s research is in autoethnography and performance, personal narratives and oral storytelling as connected to health and wellness, and social justice.

YOGA AND CONTOURS OF THE EXTERNAL     workshop   Wed   9/20  12:30-3pm
What is the bio-experience of union with the world? How does maintaining a practice of deep physical presence affect the environment around us? What skills allow us to bring the richness cultivated through practice beyond inner confines into daily relationship with the external for the purpose of cultivating harmony that translates into word, thought and action? At its root yoga is a practice of union between the internal and external.  During this workshop Nicole will guide the participant through meditation and extended practice of restorative flow as informed by somatics, acupressure and the creative process. Experience practice in a fresh and pleasurable way, celebrate cracks of imperfection and allow the ancient lineage of yoga to move through you. Come to know yoga as both a haven and a ledge from which to make true contact with the world around you; as the starting point of all conscious action.
SOMATIC SUMMIT ~      speaker panel  Sun  9/24,  3-6:30pm & online webinar Tues 10am
Embodying Social Justice:  Nicole shares her passion for the artistry of engaging in the autoethnography and performance, personal narratives and oral storytelling as connected to health and wellness, and social justice. Nicole was a participant in the Oceti Sakowin peaceful / prayer camp in 2016, a unified encampment of Water Protectors dedicated to protecting our land and water against the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Russel is a video and performing artist. He trained and performed in in the Continuum Movement Theater ensemble, and studied Continuum Movement with Emilie inception in 2007. He has been a sound designer since 1980 working in the San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles. He designed the soundscapes for Emilie’s Nijinsky and Kafka performances for SOMAfest 2007 & 2008.  He is trained in Craniosacral Therapies with the Upledger Institute and Hugh Milne. He practices group improvisation and has trained with John Thies from Second City at HotHouse in Los Angeles and Camille Maureen’s Moving Theater of the Soul. In addition to his love for movement and the integration of dark matter, he practices videography, web design and choral singing when he is happiest.
THE HIDDEN SELF AND THE CAMERA      workshop    Fri    9/22   12:30-3pm
Witnessing one's own Somatic, non-persona Presence is a vulnerable, reorienting experience.  Most often our deep selves are hidden under an avalanche of judgment and real-time self-deception.  The camera can be a friend to show the difference between the restrained body, and the inhabited presence.  We will use the process of Continuum's breath, sound and subtle movement to bring the inhabited presence.  In this workshop, Russel and Etja connect the inner felt experience to the outer "seen" body, engaging the camera as a kindly witnessing eye. This 'meeting' of inner and outer invites the participant to meet their hidden selves with tenderness and respect. When we witness the connection between our inner and outer selves, an honesty surges through us that turns up our aliveness.  With this aliveness we can tap abilities to resonate with belonging, regenerate connection with ourselves, and extend our trust beyond what we could imagine.  
Sharon has been teaching people to be fluid, strong, and adaptive to change for over 27 years as a somatic educator, an author/activist, and the creator of The Ageless Body ®.  She was an early Continuum teacher, authorized by Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper, and specialized in the adaptive fitness work of The Jungle Gym. From that she developed The Ageless Body ®: Moving with Change at any age. Her work with Conrad included many collaborations that presented Continuum to the public; writing, videos, and teacher trainings. 
Sharon is the author of ChangeAbility, How Artists, Activists and Awakeners Navigate Change, and ChangeAbility Playbook, How to Navigate Your Own Change based on her acclaimed podcast series Passing 4 Normal, interviews with innovative change-makers on the subject of change. Sharon is also an award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, and has written and performed several one-woman shows; several directed by Emilie Conrad.
CHANGEABILITY          workshop    Tues    9/19    Part 1 12:30-3pm   &   Part 2  3:30-6pm
Aligning With The Movement Of Change:  This ever-changing world requires us to become conscious shape-shifters in adaptive response to the internal and external demands of rapid, successive change. Continuum’s fluid premise allows participants to experience themselves as far more mutable than they could ever imagine -- shifting how we meet change by changing how we breathe and move within our bodies. Breath and movement become tools for direct experience, beyond mere mental constructs and beliefs, for transforming states of frozen resistance into fluid alignment when meeting the movement of change.  Participants will: 
  • - Locate the existing movement of their personal change
  • - Embody the navigation tools of the 7 Principles of Change: Bring Awareness, Listen Deeply, Find Community, Proceed Incrementally, Align with Nature, Have Hope, Spark Fire from my book, ChangeAbility. 
  • - Apply these somatic lessons in practical application towards all change scenarios
SOMATIC SUMMIT       speaker panel  Sun  9/24,  3-6:30pm & online webinar Thurs 9/28 5:30pm
ChangeAbility:  Meeting change, both personal and social, requires adaptive skills that are best cultivated through breath, movement and sensory awareness. We can best understand the uncertain, evolving nature of change if we look at is as the "movement" of change, and look at what best facilitates or impedes that movement. Seen in somatic terms, we can gain a greater understanding, but more importantly, we can  have direct experience with the qualities of this movement.  My book, ChangeAbility and my podcast Passing 4 Normal draw upon the wisdom of innovative change-makers across many fields, including some who embrace somatic principles to create effective change. I am happy to serve on any panel where I can share my understanding of the movement of change and how to best align with the movement of change for less resistance and more ease.
Shel has been fascinated by Contact Improv for over 30 years as a dancer, performer, producer, and teacher; and sharing CI with other people is one of her favorite things to do.  She is a co-coordinator of the weekly Eastside Lab Jam in Pasadena, Ca and recently taught an Intensive class at the West Coast Contact Improv Jam. In 2016 Shel co-taught the Contact Intensive with Stephanie Nugent at SFDI (Seattle Festival of Dance Improv), and she was the featured teacher at the 2015 Portland Regional Jam and at the 2014 Detroit (mini GLACIER) Jam.  Shel has a private Somatic Therapies practice as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, incorporating the Alexander Technique, Bodynamics, and intuitional movement.
CONTACT IMPROV DANCE       workshop    Sat   9/23   3:30-6pm       
Contact Improv is a developing form.  In this workshop we will playfully focus on Connection to ourselves, the ground and others. As we tune into our sensory awareness to connect we change, and in bringing our selves to the dance in this way the form changes as well.  Come be a part of the continuing formation of Contact Improv, and make some good connections while your at it!
Teri, RSMET, MA, CMT shares a synthesis of 35 years of dance, experiential research, and applied body-mind practices.. She holds multiple somatic and bodywork certifications, and is a cutting edge somatic entrepreneur, using multiple platforms to share in-person and virtual experiences worldwide. Former ISMETA President, she has a Masters in Dance, trained in BMC (certified practitioner 1998), became an Authorized Teacher by Emilie Conrad, performed in theContinuum Movement Theater Ensemble, and is the current director for Continuum Movement®. Teri founded SOMAfest, Somatic Movement Arts, Somatic Speaker Summit, and Somatic Equine Arts, and has helped thousands of people worldwide with her Private Somatic and Bodywork practice, Embody Life Resources, based in Los Angeles.
CONTINUUM CREATIVE EDGES     workshop   Sun   9/24    12:30-3pm
The inner process of Continuum discovery spills into the outer reaches of relationship. From a fluid dive preparation tissue structure becomes multi-dimensional, we shift our inner experience into an outer world ‘play.’ Streams of nourishment are readily absorbed as if one were bathing in the elixir of life itself, and subtle gesture emerges into character expression, reflected in our body as a living process. Part of a planetary process, our body informed by billions of years of biocreativity, movement possibilities arise from inter-species intelligence.  
SOMATIC SUMMIT   conference facilitator  Sun  9/24  3:30-6pm  &  online webinar  Fri  9/29   5:30pm
Teri will guide this fabulous afternoon Conference on BioDiversity that features PERFORMANCES, a SPEAKER PANEL, and MOVEMENT EXPERIENCES for participants. As well, Teri will interview the Speakers through the following week online through webinar interactive experiences (9/25-29, each day 10am and 5:30pm pacific time.
BODY of EARTH PRESENCE: Teri will also lead a webinar session focusing on transform our understanding and experience of what we call a "Body ~ as a living process," and what it means to be a human being. We are all organisms co-existing and flourishing with the natural world’s ecosystems.  Engage in practices for tending the inner garden of your living body. Learn to drop below the surface and be nourished by the flow of intelligence from the natural world that streams through our senses, tissues and fluid body system.
Rabbi T'mimah Ickovits, BSE CMT is authorized to teach Continuum Movement (CM) by Emilie Conrad obm. She is on staff for the CM teacher training program.   She is an educator,  teaches a variety of subjects including; Continuum Movement, Davvenolgy, and Classical Kabbalah at a variety of venues.  The founding rabbi and spiritual leader of Holistic Jew, she leads resonant prayer, rousing workshops, and works enthusiastically in support of eco-conscious, cost effective, kind, communal life and end of life options. She is committed to cultivating the Divine Feminine.   
T'mimah loves to grow organic vegetables and share them at communal sacred gatherings.  Rabbi T’mimah is an integrator, locating unifying aspects in what may initially seem separate.  We are all part of a greater whole. When we move, study, or worship together in loving inquiry, deep secrets reveal themselves and resonate through our lives. When we access these states regularly in spiritual community, we are not merely accessing transient higher states, but stabilizing them into our lives and relationships.”
CONTINUUM BioDIVERSITY       workshop   Mon    9/18    3:30-6pm
Continuum Movement ~  BioDiversity Liquid Kabbalah is a gentle and dynamic inquiry into what it is to be human. We are part of a larger living, biological planetary process. Until recently, Mother Earth and her local cosmos regulated communal life.  Humans lived in contact with Earth; walked and slept on Earth, bathed in living water. Families went to sleep and awoke with the sunset and sunrise.  Civilization was guided by Earth and her bounty only. The blessing of technology brings a shadow side; noise - ongoing distractions that diminish attentiveness.  Electrical and mechanical noise, traffic, information overload, electronics, and more create separation that causes trauma.  The human body shuts down when threatened, shifting into a closed protective state. Communities become shut down as a result of ongoing trauma. Through sounding and loosely choreographed movement, we will invite a sense of dropping down beneath noise of our local cosmos to uncover resonance, nuance, and subtlety. 
SOMATIC SUMMIT        speaker panel  Sun  9/24  3:30-6pm & online webinar  Tues  9/26   5:30pm
Heaven and Earth; Liquid Kabbalah & Resonance:  As it is above, so it is below. Just as what happens two guitars are place adjacent to one another, and someone strums on the strings of one guitar, the other guitar will begin to resonate in the name notes. So too, when a resonance comes forth on Earth, so too, the same note is played in the heavens. We are part of a larger living, biological, planetary process. A conversation on resonance, what it means. How it manifests on Earth, in the heavens. Earth’s local cosmos is defined by orbs and their resonant fields.  Water.  Gravity. Water’s  response to these fields. The embryonic spiral.  Considering parts (sun, moon, planets, constellations… of a larger field that impacts Earth’s local cosmos. We are part of a larger living, biological planetary process. 
Tovya has taught movement for a decade; in universities, studios, theatres, and treatment centers.  Drawing on ancient techniques of movement training and exploratory modalities like contact improvisation, his work encourages awareness of our learned idiosyncrasies, and helps transform them in creative ways. With a background in biology and ecology, Tovya often incorporates scientific and anatomical concepts into his work, exploring what is truly natural movement. Tovya often collaborates with Amber Shiau.  
Amber Shiau teaches contact improvisation and movement, often exploring their intersections with bodywork.  Her work focuses on integration of the bodymind, and how to cultivate greater wellness and self-growth through this integration. With an eye towards holistic health and wellness, Shiau creates a nurturing and playful environment in her workshops that facilitates experimentation and growth for all. Shiau and Jacobs enjoy collaborating and have co-created movement workshops and multimedia projects involving dance/movement, theatre, bodywork, and visual arts.
BODY ECOSYSTEMS              workshop    Thurs   9/21    7 - 9:30pm
What happens when we look at our own bodies as ecosystems? Our day to day life is the product of diverse systems and billions of independent entities; in fact, in our bodies, foreign organisms outnumber human cells
10 to 1. Blending their specialties in biology, bodywork, and movement, Jacobrown and Shiau will lead a series of exercises exploring the staggering collaboration of our internal systems. By building awareness within ourselves, participants will explore natural movement that cuts through learned patterns. Keeping awareness of this internal work, participants will expand their perspectives to include the environment and other people. Eventually, the focus will flip on its head: What happens when we look at our ecosystem as an extension of our own bodies? Body Ecosystems is a multidisciplinary workshop, including elements of meditation, natural movement, contact improvisation, and more. Participants will be encouraged to engage at their own pace and comfort level.