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SOMAfest EmBODYment Performances
Celebrating Conscious Embodiment in Performance
Featuring Somatic Artists from across the U.S., Canada, India
~ schedule subject to change ~

In 2017 we explored BioDiversity

Fri, Sept 22, 2017 8pm


Call  310-315-1459

$25 Regular     $20 Senior/Student/DRC

Featuring SOMAfest Artists:

Ashley Johnson & Nicole Schafenacker - Land of Our Grandmothers
Camille Maurine - Your Inner Nature
Caryn Heilman & Teri Carter - I Species
Georgianne Cowan - Indra’s Net
Goh Kurosawa - Live Guitar
John William Johnson - No Way I'm That Old
Margit Galanter - Cave Forms
Rebecca Bryant & Don Nichols - More Essential

Our performances invite you to
embrace conscious embodiment!

Sun, Sept 24, 2017 3:30-6pm

Call 1-310-488-9879

$25 Regular       $20 Senior/Student/DRC

Featuring SOMAfest Artists & Somatic Summit Speakers

Autumn Turley - Water Dance
Carolyn Ellis - My Dear Lone Wolf
Jinal Sangoi - Earthwalking
Kathryn Rone - Gorilla Nature
Martha Eddy - Global Water Dances

Barbara Karlsen - Embodiment is Nature
Donnalea Goelz ~ Who Are We
Margit Galanter - Cave Forms
Sharon Weil - ChangeAbility
Teri Carter -  Body of Earth Presence
T'mimah Ickovits -  Heaven~Earth

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"The artist is a kind of warrior. It takes courage to have people enter your secret chamber and see what is going on there. The creative spirit really needs to be fostered and tended to… The creative spirit is what saves us." ​ Emilie Conrad, Founder of Continuum

EmBODYment & BioDiversity
  1. John Johnson
  2. Faculty Improv Performance
  3. Caryn & Teri,  iSpecies
  4. Ashley & Nicole, Prairie House
Come celebrate BODY and MOVEMENT as part of a planetary process. New performance works by an international cast of artists, SOMAfest features a landscape of dance, film, voice, and live music, that express diverse ways we can creatively experience our interconnected relationship to BODY – EARTH/PLACE – and the GLOBAL COMMUNITY.

SOMAfest artists, curated by Teri Carter, include Carter (LA), Caryn Heilman (NYC), Georgiane Cowan (LA), Camille Maurine (LA), John William Johnson (Portland, OR), Rebecca Bryant (Long Beach), Prairie House Dance (Canada), and others who present kinesthetically charged improvisational and contemporary work infused with sensuality, aliveness and innovation.