Sept  18-24  2017​​

Los Angeles

Exploring  BioDiversity​​


Somatic Movement Arts Festival

Inspiring Conscious Embodiment in Practice, Performance, and Daily Life

Arts Gallery
Come celebrate your body as a living inquiry, part of an unfolding planetary process. Our bodies are ecosystems inter-relating with diverse communities within the natural world. 

Body Wisdom
Creative Innovation
Synergistic Exchange

Engage in a rich exchange of ideas and diverse somatic practices that motivate creativity, innovation, and tapping into our human potential by allowing the body to lead the way in cultivating sensory awareness, well-
being, embodied presence, and engaged community.

SOMAfest enlivens artists, audiences, and participants from all walks of life to move beyond expected experiences of physical self-discovery & expression. 

Join us to explore diverse movement practices in over 25 workshops, performances and panel discussions that cultivate body-mind integration, creativity, presence & community.   Signup for our enews and updates
Movement is core to what it means to be human and key to experiencing an interconnected relationship to body, place and global community. 
  1. Caryn Heilman performing iSpecies
    Caryn Heilman performing iSpecies
  2. Jamie McHugh, Nature Being Art
    Jamie McHugh, Nature Being Art
  3. Georgianne Cowan Underwater
    Georgianne Cowan Underwater
  4. Emma Destrube, Continuum & Meridians
    Emma Destrube, Continuum & Meridians
  5. Continuum Creative Edges with Teri Carter
    Continuum Creative Edges with Teri Carter
  6. Prairie Home
    Prairie Home
  7. Emilie Conrad's "Kafka in Love"
    Emilie Conrad's "Kafka in Love"
  8. Camille Maurine
    Camille Maurine
  9. Emilie Conrad, Continuum Movement Theater Ensemble
    Emilie Conrad, Continuum Movement Theater Ensemble
  10. Ashley Johnson & Nicole Schafenacker
    Ashley Johnson & Nicole Schafenacker
  11. Daria Halprin, Planetary Dance SOMAfest NYC
    Daria Halprin, Planetary Dance SOMAfest NYC
  12. SOMAfest Faculty Improv Performance
    SOMAfest Faculty Improv Performance
The Somatic Movement Arts Festival is a profound opportunity to cultivate freedom to be your essential self.  Engage in the inquiry of embodiment with people from around the world, grow the capacity to take your health and creativity into your own hands, and deepen into the greatest version of who you truly can be.

Our Workshops, Performances, and Dialogues support you in cultivating a dynamic and responsive connection to your body's intelligence. Learn how your body-mind has the innate capacity to transform, heal and flourish.  Explore bio-creative approaches to every-day-life and body-mind innovation.

Through somatically inspired learning experiences, performance, art, and community engagement, our FACULTY, PERFORMERS, ARTISTS, and SOMATIC SUMMIT PANEL SPEAKERS will explore with you myriad aspects of embodied earth wisdom, water matters, species inclusivity, exaptation, and movement as life! There is an ocean of environmental energy or information flow within our body-mind, let's dive in together.

"Life is a process, not in a linear series of events. Everything that happens is connected to a planetary and universal system. All things in Nature move in cycles, and everything is interwoven into a living system of the Earth."       Andrea Olsen 
SOMAfest11 Celebrates BioDiversity
Nature's Body
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Transform your understanding and experience of what we call a "Body ~ as a living process," and what it means to be a human being. We are all organisms co-existing and flourishing with the natural world’s ecosystems.  Engage in practices for tending the inner garden of your living body. Learn to drop below the surface and be nourished by the flow of intelligence from the natural world that streams through our senses, tissues and fluid body system.

Body as process allows us to experience the interconnection of our own origins with the larger currents of all organismic life, beginning with the first cell and ultimately layered into the intricacies of human form.  Best navigated by following the magnificence of our whole body-mind organism and not merely our brain, we can inhabit - perceive - sustain our body as an ecosystem which is a collective community of dancing cells, molecules and interpenetrating fluid wave motions that stabilize in order to function in the environment of planet earth.

Our birthright includes the Body as Earth,  a fractal patterning of life that can be found within the spiraled weaving of nature:
  • Movement tendencies spanning myriad species
  • Peaks and valleys of our connective tissue
  • Inner architectural structure of our bones
    Rivers coursing through our circulatory system

  • Verdant wetlands of our subcellular world
    Rolling landscapes of porous membranes
  • Similarly shaped central cores that see and receive
Everything mirrors a larger biosphere of diverse planetary and cosmic communities.  
Deepening into embodied somatic presence awakens the power of our own bio-system in service to designing a more humane world. Listening to the intelligence of our biology has potential to create a regenerative 'bio-creativity' that reveals an artful nature of our own physiology.

Together, let's navigate life with greater freedom, resilience, and effectiveness. 

We ask this of minds, hearts, relationships, collective communities, and most often we ask this of our organismic body: our blood, our bones, our skin, our lungs, indeed, our entire weave of living tissue that makes up what we call a body.

Check out some of the myriad somatic movement methods SOMAfest has featured since 2007.

Body-Mind Centering®
Somatic Expression
Contact ​Improv
Sound, Movement
& Storytelling
Dancing the Mythic Feminine
Skinner Releasing TechniqueTM
Mindful Movement Yoga
Eleven years, featuring over 100 Somatic Artists, Educators & Performers from around the world presenting myriad somatic methods, including some of the world's most prominent movement innovators, such as Emilie Conrad, Anna Halprin, Simone Forti, and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen!
See the myriad somatic practices in SOMAfest11

"Movement is what we ARE, not something we do."
Emilie Conrad (1934-2014) 

We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Continuum Movement®!
Emilie was a visionary in the fields of Somatic Movement, Dance, and a pivotal figure in the 2007 co-creation of SOMAfest in collaboration with Artistic Director Teri Carter.

Join our Somatic Summit
In-person & Online!
  1. Sept 24 Sun
    Somatic Summit launch
    Celebrate BioDiversity Join us in-person and online for an afternoon of . . . 3:30 - 6pm pacific: PERFORMANCES PANEL DIALOGUES MOVING TOGETHER
  2. Sept 25 Mon
    Monday Webinar Interviews
    Join us online for interactive webinar interviews with somatic movement experiences plus Q&A: 10am pacific Barbara Karlsen 5:30pm pacific Patty Adamik
  3. Sept 26 Tues
    Tuesday Webinar Interviews
    Join us online for interactive webinar interviews with somatic movement experiences plus Q&A: 10am pacific Nicole Schafenacker 5:30 pm pacific Caryn Heilman
  4. Sept 27 Wed
    Wednesday Webinar Interviews
    Join us online for interactive webinar interviews with somatic movement experiences plus Q&A: 10am pacific 5:30 pm pacific Jamie McHugh
  5. Sept 28 Thur
    Thursday Webinar Interviews
    Join us online for interactive webinar interviews with somatic movement experiences plus Q&A: 10am pacific Margit Galanter 5:30 pm pacific Jamie McHugh
  6. Sept 29 Fri
    Friday Webinar Interviews
    Join us online for interactive webinar interviews with somatic movement experiences plus Q&A: 10am pacific Elisa Cotroneo 5:30 pm pacific Teri Carter
Prairie House,  photby Daniel Paquet